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Bernard Steifelprise 10g

Bernard Steifelprise 10g


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Bernard Steifeprise is truly a stiff breeze in the nose. The warm, comforting tobacco taste is married to an icy, refreshing sensation of mint and menthol. This spicy concoction is by no means ordinary but rather a perfect blend of familiar and adventure. This snuff is the color of burnt sugar, slightly moist and a medium grind. There is a substantial nicotine kick but is easy to take with quite a pleasant feeling in the nose. A must try if you are a fan of medicated snuffs. Genießen Sie eine Prise!

Available in a convenient 10 g dispenser or box of twenty.

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Bernard Steifelprise 10g
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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Joe (San Antonio, US)
Happy Sails

So first of all I was a heavy smoker and decided to quit
I also was a very heavy dipper and started dipping again recently after having quit smoking hopefully for the last time.
I decided to try snuff as a better alternative to both and had noooo clue as to what I was buying or the different flavors and intensities that are available
This purchase was just a random selection and for trying something for the very first time this was a beautiful pick and the experience has been lovely so far. I know I have nothing to compare this too but the peppermint in this was like a menthol cigarette for the nose. Very happy will buy this again.

O. (Allentown, US)
Much more than peppermint

I don’t know if it’s because I have a head cold, or what, but i’m experiencing much more than just peppermint. I was a fan instantly. I’ll update review once the sinuses are back to normal.

J.H. (Tamborine Mountain, AU)
Jump Aboard

A must have vitamin hit with excellent topping

Timothy Kubik (Berthoud, US)
Putting the Pepper in Peppermint!

My first go at this blew me away, literally, but it's fast becoming a favorite so long as the doses are a little smaller than my usual. Someone else described it as candy-cane snuff, and I'd agree. It's strong on mint with a light hint of fine, light tobacco. Perfect for when you really need to clear your head.

W.P.P. (Lares, PR)

Excelent mix between menthol and tobacco