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Dholakia Sparrow 9g

Dholakia Sparrow 9g


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Experience the rich and robust flavors of Dholakia Sparrow, a non-mentholated nasal snuff. With earthy, smokey notes and a hint of molasses, this medium brown blend is expertly ground and dry for easy use. Made with a blend of Chopadia and Oriental tobacco, it offers a medium-high nicotine level for a satisfying experience.

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Dholakia Sparrow 9g
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Dholakia Sparrow 9gDHO047
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
David Bittinger (White Salmon, US)
I'm Glad With Sparrow Being Floral at the Initial Intake

I mixed a fine powder group of snuffs then added Sparrow which, kept my mix still fine as, I'm happy with the clean end and, initially it's floral scent blended well, so it saved my mix when, I still notice other flavor yet, tobacco comes through, too.

Strawalker (Toronto, CA)
Scented yes, but lovely

This is a super fine snuff so be warned. Out of the freshly opened jar I get a lovely rich milk chocolate. The grind is super fine and very dry making it difficult to avoid keeping Sparrow out of the lungs. There is a glorious very short-lived floral note that is exceptionally pleasant. The nicotine in this is fairly high I'm a bit of a nicotine hound so I was a bit blown away being new to Indian snuff. I'll tell you this though if Dholakia Sparrow is any indication of what to expect I'm definitely going to explore more of their products. Very good snuff.

Kicks you right in the…

This snuff is a very powdery and dry snuff. Classic tobacco flavor. It has almost a dark earth sand color to it. The only positive I found about it is the nicotine. If you are in need for the vitamin "N" you need to have this in rotation. A small bump kicks you right in the sack....reminded me of my first dip as a teen. I would recommend for those coming of the cigarettes, I wished I had this around when I kicked that habit, would of been a lot easier experience. After this I rather not try the White Elephant...out of fear, but if your into the nicotine S&M give Sparrow a shot.

Rock Around the Clock

This is suppost to be a plain unscented snuff.But I smell India in the back ground.It must pick up the musk off the factory conveyor belt or funnels right before packing.With that said it is a ultra fine grind, light brown color,& high nicotine content snuff; suited for the more experienced snuff taker. This will rock you around the clock and kick you down a flight of steps. A great catalyst to add to a timid snuff lacking the nicotine you crave.This is the first dholakia tin that wasn't fill to the gills the grind is that fine. You have been warned.

Superior Indian Dry

Strong Nic,with a faint earth like flavor n the background,Watch your Snuff pressure or it'll hit the back of your throat.But if you're snuffing it by itself take your time and you'll find that this is one of a Superior Indian dry snuff that goes head-to-head with white elephant and cheetah.And it make's a great mixer for jacking up a weak Nic leveled Snuff.So please do try this out,You won't be disappointed Enjoy.