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Dholakia Taj 10g

Dholakia Taj 10g


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Experience the rich and sweet notes of Dholakia Taj, a non-mentholated nasal snuff made from a blend of Indian Burley and Virginia tobacco. With a fine grind and medium moisture, this smokeless product offers a high nicotine content and is easy to use for an intermediate snuff experience.

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Dholakia Taj 10g
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Dholakia Taj 10gDHO121
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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Bebe Lolita (Sumter, US)

Heady fragrant snuff .... Long Lasting. Exotic Snuff.... Aphrodisiac feelings may happen upon sniffs. Lol Color beautiful blacc coal. Definitely not an everyday snuff for me yet special times. Definitely a FAV 5+years.

Nic hit felt instantly, Notes are beyond an incense profile.

Cigara St Cistar
Cigara St Cistar Live

Not for everyone, Definitely for many. Cheers!

Michael Dmytryszyn (Goochland, US)
Like HEM Champa

Smells almost just like incense HEM Champa. Its a soapy, vanilla-y scent, very pleasant, just a bit of ammonia when I first opened the tin but it faded within a few hours. Clean scent. However burns a bit too much so Im taking a star off, the drip on this one can be rough. Great smell though.

Brad W. (Livonia, US)

Some of the descriptions here on Mr. Snuff could use a little help, this being one of them but am grateful there is a description at all. I get nothing even close to Chocolate from Taj, to my nose it is full on Incense, sandalwood or Nag Champa and has a strong scent that is fairly long lasting compared to most snuffs. It is pitch black in color and grind is medium and easy to take with no issues or tissues. 5 stars all day!

Worth a Try

This was always on my list of snuffs to try. I couldn't find a review of it anywhere and Dholakia's description always seemed vague. It's a decent snuff and worth the price to sample. The scent reminds me of incense and maybe a tiny bit of menthol. It doesn't taste like menthol, but it does have a nose cooling effect. I do have a bit of a hard time with the case. It is impossible to get a pinch. You have to scoop it out with a snuff spoon. Lastly, it's kind of moist and it's fine. Think of Dholakia Black for the grind. I won't be reordering this anytime soon, but it's definitely worth a try.

Topless Dancers


A great snuff sensation on your first sniff of this fine almost black snuff.The scent reminds me of topless dancers in a lap dance club.very erotic scent.very good snuff worth a try.