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Dr. Rumney's Brown 20g

Dr. Rumney's Brown 20g


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Dr. Rumney's Brown is a prescription for enjoyment. There are no alterations, sweeteners or modifications to the special smoke dried fermentation techniques that render the ultimate in tobacco taste. The main flavor perpetrators are bitter botanical combined with techniques used to provide a sweetly aged brightleaf tobacco quality that is guarantor of a perfectly prepared powdered pleasure in a tin. This magical crumb comes with a light brown color, light moisture and a silky medium-fine grind that provides a minimal tweak to the nose followed by delightful aromas and a powerful kick of vitamin N. The doctor can also provide moments of quality respite. Try a pinch today.

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Dr. Rumney's Brown 20g
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Dr. Rumney's Brown 20gWILS605
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Erik Pecheny (Mountain View, US)
The Doctor is in...

Great kick in the nose
To dry but non the less good taste.

D.P. (Ashburn, US)
An old friend returns

I have not Dr. Rumney's Brown for 35-40 years. Good, basic snuff, Very enjoyable, easy, not an expert, but it is a good solid hit.

Matthew Francis (Indianapolis, US)

I am obviously in the minority here, but this is not one of my favorite Sharrow snuffs. As previous reviewers have noted, this comes off like a combination of Irish No. 22 and Wilsons Plain. The snuff offers a powerful nicotine hit from a finer, drier grind of base tobaccos that offer a range of earthy, chocolaty, leathery, smoky, and toasty notes. Careful sniffing works best with this one since it is easy to blast down the back of your throat. Not bad overall, but not something I would be in any rush to try again in the near future. I would rather just have Wilsons Plain or any toasted snuff.

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Eric Perlinger (Longueuil, CA)
Powdered Toast Man

This is serious snuff. No flavouring; no artifice; only pulverized tobacco and a high nicotine hit. Dr. Rumney’s Brown tastes of tanned leather and cow pastures; very similar to Sharrow’s Irish No 22 but without the Reblochon cheese. Great to enjoy when coming back to pinching after your sinuses revolt from the perfume and talcum of flavoured snuffs. To quote Ren & Stimpy: “Its Toasterrific!”

Dr.Rumney's Brown 25g

NO MENTHOL in this product, i say this because i was put off by mr snuffs summary , but this snuff is a fine blend of plain tobaccos with a toasted flavour and a decent kick i wish i'd tried this when it first came out , could be an everyday snuff very moreish