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FUBAR Bohica 50g

FUBAR Bohica 50g


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A smokeless nasal snuff that delivers a bold and flavorful experience. Made with a blend of Indian Burley and Virginia tobacco, this non-mentholated product offers an earthy, botanical, and spicy taste. With a medium grind and moisture level, it's easy to use and provides a high nicotine kick.

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FUBAR Bohica 50g
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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Jeff Wright (Hesperia, US)
Hot and spicy

If you didn’t know this has capsicum it will burn and drip hot careful what you use care how you and what you touch after during. It is addictive.

Bryan Beals (Paw Paw, US)
Hot tamale

Well I gave it a try and all I got was a lot of burn. Couldn't pick out the chocolate. Fun to try. I did get plenty of the chili flavor. Itin is enough for me.

adam boolen (Pahrump, US)
Fubar bohica

Was not prepared for this snuff it has a wallop of good nicotine and a serious chili burn in the sinises that took 30 mins to subside I did not pick out any chocolate notes because the burn is so intense but the scent of tobacco was on the back note I enjoyed the nicotine but be very prepared for an intense ride and burn has to be experienced in order to better explain hold on to your horses with this one folks

Edward A
Sniffing Hot Sauce

I am not a snuff connoisseur by any means, but this treat here I thoroughly enjoy. The chocolate makes it misleading. Don't do more than a small pinch for starters. The chilli makes one feel as though they are snorting hot sauce. The first time I tried it I was using a snuff spoon. I sniffed a small amount and thought it was no big deal. The second time I sniffed double that amount and resulted in regretting my choice. I guess I like pain because I want more and more of this snuff.

My Insane Love

Pure Evil!! This is not one to take lightly. The initial chocolate aroma gives you the illusion that this is a sweet candy confection. But be patient children - this will soon give way to a burn - a burn that lasts and lasts, the most insane nasal attack you will ever experience - unless someone decides to mix some battery acid in with the tobacco. Don't get me wrong - I must be insane -but I love this stuff.