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FUBAR Fido Spicy Treat Menthol 30g

FUBAR Fido Spicy Treat Menthol 30g

Lachhman Dass

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A refreshing and flavorful smokeless nasal snuff made with a blend of Indian Burley and Virginia tobacco. The medium brown color and medium grind make it easy to use, while the spicy, sweet, and earthy notes provide a satisfying experience. Moisture level is just right for an intermediate user.

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FUBAR Fido Spicy Treat Menthol 30g
FUBAR Fido Spicy Treat Menthol 30gFBR057
FUBAR Fido Spicy Treat Menthol 30gFBR057
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Alexander Bird (Tampa, US)
Its a great one

Really enjoy this one, its is very unusual mix of Indian spices plus medium menthol. Medium-High menthol I would say.

The only thing I dont care for is the metal tin on the 30g size, they would be better off to use the plastic tub that you see on Dholakia 25g snuffs because the metal one lets air enter the can. The nicotine hit is medium-high. If you are a fan of Indian cooking spices you will like this one.

I did not expereince any burn but it will cause drip if you take too large of a pile in 1 snoot. It will also stop you up if you take too large of a pile. So you need to take a smaller hit than with other snuffs.

Dr Sniffles (Olathe, US)
It’s a party in your nose.

This one took me for a wild ride. Nicotine is very easy not harsh. The scent is stunning. There is so much going on here it’s hard to describe. Like other FUBAR snuffs, it has a strong burn and drip is turns on full. It’s starts off with one scent. Then another. Then another. You just don’t know where it will end. If you love Indian food, you appreciate the blend of scents this provides. Just be ready to be smacked hard. It lets you know the true meaning of FUBAR. Wow!

Georgie (Islington, GB)
Like a middle Eastern spice market up your nose

Such a gorgeous, warming snuff on a cold day. Fennel and coriander notes with a fairly light menthol kid. Will have a firm place in my rotation for the next six months.