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FUBAR Fugazi Menthol 30g

FUBAR Fugazi Menthol 30g

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FUBAR Fugazi Menthol is another military inspired mixture. This snuff offers the dominant scent of coffee agreeably paired with a sweet touch of menthol. The combination, while unlikely, offers a unique twist to a traditional taste. The texture is mid-moist; the burn is tolerable; the nic hit very present and sustained. Can easily be classified as a dessert or 'treat' snuff. Enjoy!

Available in a convenient container size.

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Luke Greenhough
Coffee Shop

You Know That Smell As You Walk Into A Coffee Shop Imagine That With A Straight Menthol Kick. Maybe A Little Bit Of Coco Sprinkled On Top. V Dark In Colour To Be Expected. Tones Of Moisture! Just Not My Cup Of Tea. (No Pun Intended


Smells exactly like the 6photo version but I love it none the less. Unfortunately very little menthol.

Dr Sniffles
Chocolate coffee punch

It smacks you as soon as the lid comes off. Strong burn but chocolate abounds. The smell is wonderful and decent nicotine value. Not strong but good. Not for the faint of heart. Be ready for a bold, burning time. A bit of drip and little burn in throat. Worth it if you like the scent. Very pleasing for desert.

Francesc Ribas

FUBAR Fugazi Menthol 30g

FUBAR Fugazi Menthol 30g

This snuff took a little while for me to enjoy it, however it has definitely grown on me. The coffee scent and menthol work well together. My only complaint is that it tends to clump together so I just roll it between my fingers while I snuff it. Definitely recommend this snuff and the nicotine is quite enjoyable.