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FUBAR Shot of Rum 10g

FUBAR Shot of Rum 10g


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A smooth and flavorful smokeless nasal snuff made with a blend of Indian Burley and Virginia tobacco, infused with notes of spirits and molasses. With a medium brown color and medium grind, this product offers a medium-high nicotine level and is easy to use for an intermediate snuff user. Enjoy a shot of rum without the smoke.

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FUBAR Shot of Rum 10g
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Customer Reviews

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Daniel Rodgers (Ackley, US)
Shot of what, now? You sure?

After over 2 months with this one, I have to agree with other reviewers. I'm giving it two stars -- one for, well, just being snuff. The other for the nicotine content, which is fine.

But when it comes to the scent, this doesn't get anywhere near rum, in my opinion. It has two primary scents that I can detect -- a mix of wood, earth, and coumarin.

The other is baby powder. Don't know how else to describe it. And when it's still relatively fresh after opening, that ammonia tang only amplifies the other flavors, such that, well...

They should have named it, "Shot Of Barnyard Baby Diaper."

Like Sweet Rum

Nice snuff here very flavorful like a sweet rum wood taste.. Almos fruity , a medium course grind and easy to take very little burn this has a great nic hit and is highly recommended , I liked it enough to order a can of every F.U.B.A.R they have to try them all out. Def not for the weak :)

I Give 10 Stars

FUBAR shot of rum is simply one of the most delicious snuffs I have ever used. Sometimes a blend is just right; not too much of this or too little of that, just a perfect balance of flavour, mill, moisture level and base tobacco. It's hard to formulate a perfect snuff and I think there is only, maybe, a double handful of them in the world and this snuff is one of them. Contract brands are often fairly uninspired re-labelled snuffs from the manufacturer's own range but with this snuff Dholakia made a jewel of a blend: I would give it 10 stars if the system allowed it.

FUBAR Nose Candy

Another relaxing non-mentholated Fubar,Nothing brutal here just enjoyment on a different scale. I think the mixer was drinking rum when they made this and name it. I don't get rum more like champagne in the nose I can almost feel the bubbles. This is the nose candy of the fubar offerings ,sweet but not sugary the base is lighter in weight then the rnr or medic ,brings a single tear to my eye with a slight burn and a great nicotine hit.Another superb work of art and a great addition to the sea of snuff offered by the Dholakia company.This is one I will reorder soon.

Gimme More

Fine but slightly moist. this snuff is all about the rum aroma left to linger in your nose. so enjoyable. the nic hit doesnt seem to be as strong as some of the other fubars, but the scent will definitely make you want more and more.