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Fubar Willie Pete 25g

Fubar Willie Pete 25g


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FUBAR Willie Pete is possibly the strongest snuff on the market. You will have to suspend your idea of conventional snuffing to partake. This particular blend offers the enthusiast the most extraordinary sensation associated to snuff taking.

Described as a flame thrower up the nose, fire in the hole, the nasal sandstorm, or simply, 'aaaaaaaarrrghhhh!' Let us assure you there is no phosphorus in this product, although it does feel like it. Please take with caution.

Available in a variety of convenient container sizes.

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Fubar Willie Pete 25g
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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Ryan (Columbiana, US)
Not the burn as advertised

I was very excited to try that first pinch! The blowtorch burn is why I purchased willie Pete in the first place. It is a fine and dry snuff but not anywhere as fine as 6 photo cheetah. First pinch was easy and comfortable in the nose as well as second and third.I don’t get crushed seashell scent at all from this snuff. I don’t get anything really. As far as vitamin n goes , there is plenty but it won’t sit you down. Mixing this with toque USA whiskey and honey to help scent it turned out to be an excellent choice. It bumps up the burn

clinton knight (Queen Creek, US)
Not what I expected

First I have to admit I have never used any Fubar product so I have nothing to compare this to. Tin note is definitely unique, a crushed sea shell smell and a slight touch of chemicals. Not bad since I actually enjoy the smell of the sea. Very very fine and yes difficult to take until you find your own pace. It doesn't have any flavor nor does it have the SLAM of vitamin N I have heard so much about. Gonna take a few days away from any nicotine and try it again. But it does have it in there. I would recommend that anyone new to snuff and fine grind stay away from this till you get some experience under your belt or your going to end up coughing up a lung and that's not just a phrase in this case. All in all I like it, may not need to buy any for a while but I will always have a tin on hand.

Richard E (Sioux Falls, US)
Subtle scent, intense nicotine hit

Being a lifelong nicotine junky, this one caught my attention with the "Possibly the strongest snuff on the market" claims. True to the product description, there was some burn on contact. Also true to the product description the nictotine comes on hard and fast. This one is a new favorite for me.

Cj (Buffalo, US)
Its different

Based on the description I was expecting a flamethrower up the nose. What I got was was a mild burn accompianed by a HUGE nicotine hit. I'm a fan of toasts and American scotch's so this was definitely different. Extremely fine almost like dust. At first I notice a smell that reminds me of pool chemicals, but that quickly fades and I'm left with a very slight tobacco note and a buzz that makes my eyeballs rattle in my skull. I'll probably end up mixing this into some toasts that dont have the Nic content In looking for. Great snuff, but not an all day. At least not on its own. Solid 4 stars

White Heat

Obviously a variation of Dholakia White made by Dholakia for the U.S. market. I like my fine India whites so no issues there. Seems a little easier than my previous tin of true Dholakia White with the same N-Kick. I like it; Good stuff if you are tempered to the burn that most these Indian White bring.