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McChrystal's Olde English 200g

McChrystal's Olde English 200g

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McChrystal's Olde English is a very clean tasting blend with the quality of being truly refreshing. This bracing concoction helps rev up the engines upon reveille. A very exhilarating sensation in the nose resembling a brisk winter walk in a evergreen forest. A medium-fine grind that is feathery to the touch with noticeable moisture. The endorphin rush is quite discernible and enjoyable. Can easily become a go to choice for a menthol snuff. Have a pinch and feel it for yourself.

Available in a variety of convenient container sizes.
Mini: 3.5 g.
Large: 8.75 g.
Tub: 200 g.
Also available by the dozen.

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Excellent snuff

Better than Original and Genuine, in my opinion. Very similar to Highland Ice, but better. Great moisture without being sticky. Good nicotine. Also similar to "Jip!" but without being so sweet. Love the mintyness!

Jeffrey Graham

Great stuff. Just buy it. It's worth it.

Matthew Francis
High Quality Mentholated Snuff

This is one of those snuffs that is almost too easy to take. McChrystal's seems to make a lot of those. Expect a fine snuff with medium moisture and nicotine contents and balanced menthol. Though not overpowering, the menthol is very present on the nose, gradually fading to reveal impressions of camphor, pine, and fir. There is a slight lemony presence too and solid notes of earth, leather, and chocolate from the tobacco(s). Unlike the other McChrystal's snuffs I have tried, there is a bit of a barnyard funk to it and something that I can only describe as a hay bale aroma, but neither scent is unpleasant. Both actually add to the experience. If I could compare this snuff to anything, the obvious choice would be McChrystal's Original & Genuine, though this is a brawnier, meatier snuff with a bit more of a punch. Overall, this snuff is a great bridge between Original & Genuine and McChrystal's other mentholated snuffs.

Abraham Bernstein
Menthol baseball bat to the face!!

I purchased the 12 mini sample pack and I have tried most of the flavors so far.
This is a fantastic very mint menthol that lasts for a bit longerthan the others I've tried except for Glacier. With a fine grind and a nice medium nicotine hit, it's an all day everyday flavor.
I do end up blowing my nose more because like Depeche Mode said "I just can't get enough!!!"

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Eric Perlinger
Aqua Velva

Olde English is a nice hit of both menthol and camphor, bracing like the smack of cold aftershave. It is fresh and serves the same purpose as brushing your teeth first thing in the morning. I use it to clean my nasal passages between flavoured snuffs as a way to re-establishing the baseline. Without bite, it is a good daily pinch that puts a spring in your step and awakens all of your senses.