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Mullins & Westley Mature Crumbled 20g

Mullins & Westley Mature Crumbled 20g

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Mullins and Westley is a highly traditional and crafted blend of Malawi and South American tobaccos that is uniquely mixed as a medium to dry snuff that dates back to the 18th century. All within the form a scented crumble that which started off by being contained in a wooden barrel. The recipe is based on a London best-loved formula that is over 300 years of age. A more historical based product with a stronger tobacco earthiness that's significantly balanced in terms of the flavoring and sensation. A long-lasting and enjoyable sensation from an old favorite.

Available in a convenient 20 gram container.
Also, you get a discount by the dozen.

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William Lay
Old favourite

Great snuff. Quick delivery, will use site again.

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Zakkthemaniac R
So good!!

Love every moment with Mature crumble. It's one of my top favorites, it's original non mentholated which is very nice, burns nice not too heavy. I love it that's all I can say and it's the most I do out of my collection.

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Eric Perlinger
Comte de Negroni

The Old Established Segar and Snuff Parlour located next to the Royal Opera House in Covent Gardens holds many treasures for the dedicated tobacco addict, not the least being Mullins & Westley’s “Mature Crumbled” snuff. Upon prying opening a tin, the eye is drawn to the khaki brown powder while the nose is greeted by a waft of Earl Grey. This finely milled SP embraces the user with a two-sneeze burn followed by an interpretative dance featuring the aromas of bergamot, key lime and violet, encored by a little civet for good measure. Milder than “Jock’s Choice”, “Mature Crumble” sports a vigorous dose of nicotine that lovingly works its way through the veins. A welcomed companion at the Cocktail Hour, it pairs perfectly with Campari and all of its debauched derivatives.

Steve Boone
Expertly Balanced SP Flavoring

"Mature Crumbled" is a delightful medium to medium-dark brown SP recipe, milled to a medium-fine texture (just shy of silky, tending rather toward the slightly grainy.) The moisture content is average, although edging modestly to the drier side of the scale.

Tin note is citrus and bergamot (perhaps with an added herbal or floral note) plus the underlying tobacco base. Upon snuffing, the bergamot flavoring is predominant.

This is a well-balanced SP variant, perhaps a little understated compared to "Jock's Choice," but suitable for all-day use. (Nicotine level seems medium and satisfying).

Highly recommend for those who appreciate SP's!