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Odens Original 20g

Odens Original 20g

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Well rounded and flavorful chewing tobacco blend with traditional and well rounded Swedish tobacco flavor.

Medium strong nicotine experience in moistened chewing portion bags. Fast and powerful flavor release.
Regular size for that well known feeling behind your lip.

  • Form: Portion
  • Manufacturer: GN Tobacco
  • Product Type: Original Portion
  • Salt: 2.5 %
  • Nicotine level: 9 mg/g
  • Moisture: 50 %

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Customer Reviews

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My favorite so far

I'm new to snus, but this one so far is my main go-to. Nice tobacco flavor, not too salty, with nice background notes of bergamot. Highly recommend for new snusers!

Adam S
decent quality buzz @ good price

these are a little off putting at first the smell reminiscent of my mothers hair spray or hair dye she uses here at the house sometimes. I popped one in the old lip and the flavor was decent actually like a lemon with maybe licorice and bergamont. I achieved a nice buzz and the price is right..

Daniel Green
Odens Original

Quite Spicy but with a pleasant taste of Bergamot The one SNUS i go back to as its not over strong and its flavour lasts

Andrew Fortney
My new favorite!

After doing General White for years, these are my new favorite! Excellent tobacco flavor and very nice nicotine hit. Mr. Snuff has the best price and shipping costs too.

Robert Chellew
Pretty goood

I was surprised right away with the first portion, mild flavor of citrus with a descent little nicotine burn. Easily a all day snus for me, good stuff.