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Poschl Red Bull Strong 10g Sachet

Poschl Red Bull Strong 10g Sachet


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Poschl Red Bull Aromatic is a very mentholated tobacco snuff. The specific strain of Mentha from which this particular essence of menthol is derived is extremely aromatic. The tobacco flavor is overcome by the extreme icy sensation in the nose that is quickly accompanied by a very nice wave of endorphins. The texture is mid-brown, clumpy andis easy to pinch. There may be, for certain aficionados, a slight herbal grassy, almost straw like scent, that may be excavated when the Mentholatum abates. Menthol lovers have been served.

Available in a convenient 10 gram sachet.
Also enjoy a discount for a box of 10.

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Poschl Red Bull Strong 10g Sachet
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Keith Lofthouse (Bradford, GB)

Great stuff

Alexander Eriksson (Oslo, NO)
Red bull, the classic

This is one of my go-to snuffs. Good and strong without the toasted notes and not floral at all. Just a good all around snuff

Burny (Chillicothe, US)
Very Good Aromatic Snuff

Don't make the mistake of trying to compare this to regular tap tin Red Bull. If you are interested your best bet would be to watch the Simply Snuff review posted here. I enjoy the scent very much and its easy to pinch and take (medium coarse grind). Would probably give it 5 stars if they had this in a screw top.

M. (Charlotte, US)
Not the Same as the OG Redbull

After reading the other three reviews on here I noticed that none of them were actually in regards to this specific stuff. So, I decided to leave a review for those wondering how this “A-type” snuff actually is. Overall, I originally gave it 4 stars because it’s a very pleasant and sweet smelling snuff, but greatly lacks the kick that original Red Bull snuff has. I bought this only because they were and still are sold out of the Redbull stuff in the 7 g cans. I guess “A-type” snuff means Aromatic, or basically just weaker all around to me. I found myself using a lot more due to there seemingly being a lot less tobacco in this version of Redbull snuff. The pouches are super annoying too, which is why I took another star off. I had to use my old FC Bayern snuff can and try to distribute snuff into the can from the pouch to use throughout the day because it’s not practical to carry an open pouch around where snuff can just randomly fall out of it. Maybe that’s something to consider for Mr. Snuff, to throw in a free snuff box if you buy a 10-pack of any of the pouches. I don’t recommend this product though, better off just waiting until they finally have the 7g cans of Redbull snuff back in stock. Hopefully this review helps future buyers.

Brad W.
Poschl Gluck Auf Prise 10g

I actually really like this snuff. As with other Poschl offerings this contains Menthol but is not overpowering. Has a Herbal vibe but is different from some of the Indian snuffs. If you enjoy Karibik Prise (more fruity) you may like this one as well as both are somewhat similar without being redundant.