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8 Photo Red Label Snuff 40g

8 Photo Red Label Snuff 40g

Janta Naswar

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Janta Red Label Black is an exquisite mixture of recognizable flavors of the subcontinent. There is a pungent and sweet taste that comes through via the fermented Indian tobaccos. The color is black, the grind is fine and the powder is moist and almost sticky. Easy on the nose and there is an obvious nicotine rush that lasts a nice long while. This snuff will favorably surprise you.

Available in a variety of convenient container sizes.

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8 Photo Red Label Snuff 40g
8 Photo Red Label Snuff 40gJN010
8 Photo Red Label Snuff 40gJN010
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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Kiefy (Palm Coast, US)
Pretty good

If you like black snuffs, you'll enjoy this. But I must say, other black indian snuffs are better quality or maybe just better scent than this one. Would prefer those over this one, but I'd happily take this and will definitely finish the can. Seem the nic hit isn't as strong as say, Himtaj by 41 photo. This is just a nice mentholated and perfumed snuff.

M.F. (Indianapolis, US)
Gentle, Lovely Indian Black Snuff

This seems to be a take-it-or-leave-it snuff for a number of people, but this is one that I greatly enjoy. Fresh out of the little plastic tub, this snuff offers a lovely floral scent. Once it hits the front of the nose, gorgeously layered impressions of rose, pomegranate, citrus, vanilla, musk, and jasmine are evident. Background notes of menthol, camphor, and eucalyptus are just present enough. The base tobaccos really do not contribute all that much, just some very slight earthy, woody, ashy qualities that are barely perceptible. Occasionally, a very subtle peppery impression pokes its way through the mix. Very gentle on the nose and easy to take, this snuff is of a very fine, powdery grind. Moisture content is high. Nicotine content strikes me as falling somewhere between low and medium. While there are more powerful Indian snuffs out there, this one is appealing for its graceful balance, ease of use, and pleasant, bright, easygoing nature. I could easily take it all day when I am in the mood for an Indian snuff. Highly recommended for fans of more floral, perfume-like blends who are looking for something approachable, accessible, and elegant.

B. (Dallas, US)

At first I wasn't sure about this. The container looks like some surplus WWII tin. Rusty bottom and well aged patina. However, the inner contents was a total surprise. Smooth ground black tobacco with a very settling and relaxing aroma. Very musky and somewhat floral with a touch of wet moss. I guess. Can't quite pin down a good description of the smell. But that's close.

E.B. (Kitchener, CA)
not for me

I ordered this with my very first order of snuff ever made, I still have most of it because I was focused more on the price and weight than the flavor/scent. I shouldve read the reviews for a better idea of what it was because, as much as other people might like it, its too much for me. It smells like a womans purse, that belongs to a woman who wears too much perfume. I didn't want to leave a bad review because its a good price and my dislike for the flavor doesnt mean its a bad product, just not my thing.

T.D. (Detroit, US)
From least favorite to favorite

Began as one of my least favorites, and now, perhaps my absolute favorite snuff, in terms of texture and scent profile.

Moist, easy to take. A flavor profile that seems to change every time. Notes vary. nutty tobacco, creme de menth, jasmine and sage, rose and floral notes, this snuff has it all.
If they made it in a super strong nicotine variety, i would never need any other snuff in my life.