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Samuel Gawith FireDance 10g Dispenser

Samuel Gawith FireDance 10g Dispenser

Gawith Hoggarth

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Samuel Gawith Firedance is a commemoration to Beltane, the Irish Fire Dance that celebrates the advent of spring. This is a fine blend of fermented tobaccos, spice, drupelets and hints of sweet brandy wine. This snuff combines these aromas to create an entirely new sensation in the nose. The color is middle brown, the grind is fine with medium dry moisture that offers a nice nicotine rush with minimal irritation in the nostril. Let this powdered pleasure be a reminder that you can experience the vernal equinox in every pinch.

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Samuel Gawith FireDance 10g Dispenser
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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Nate (Salem, US)
This Is A Must Buy !!!! Sweet & Smokey

The color is dark, The grind is medium-fine, holds moisture well. I believe the grind is a bit finer than some of the Bernard snuffs I've tried. The first tin notes are very strong of an extremely well balanced sweetness and smokiness that stays around for quite some time after a few pinches. The nicotine is present and adequate. Just an exquisite light berry/cherry aroma in the fermentation combined with a very slight peaty/woodsy/ashy smoke and I think there might be vanilla in here. This is exceptional - a must buy.

M.F. (Indianapolis, US)
Absolutely Lovely

This is the snuff that Wilsons of Sharrow Beltane wishes it could be. Fresh out of the tin, Firedance gives off lovely blackberry, blackcurrant, vanilla, brandy, and woodsmoke aromas. Once it hits the front of the nose, it is easy to detect gorgeously balanced impressions of blackberry, blackcurrant, vanilla, and brandy layered over more delicate notes of charcoal, earth, cocoa, leather, woodsmoke, peat, ash, cinnamon, and nutmeg. The snuff is of a medium-coarse grind and medium or slightly higher moisture. Nicotine content is moderately robust. It packs a sneaky punch, sits in the nose very well, and offers delightful long-lasting aromas. Honestly, it would be hard to ask for more in a dessert snuff. I recommend it highly.

Brandy Undertone

Similar base tobacco as Elmo's Reserve (dark, moist and course grind) but with a sweet berry like fruit flavour. Possibly a brandy undertone but quite hard to define. Definitely a dessert snuff.

Definitely Worth A Try

Definitely worth a try. Especially if you like elmos reserve. Actually the 2 taste great mixed.

My Favorite

This has got to be my favorite snuff. I can use it all through out the day, and the aroma will last forever. It's very easy to use, and such a pleasant experience. I have to say before this I was skeptical about using a moister snuff. I usually use a drier snuff. I experimented once with a moister snuff, and was very turned off by them based on the experience I had with it. I decided after a while to give this one a try after some debate, and boy am I glad I did. I like spicier snuffs and this one has a very mild and pleasant kick at the end. I recommend that you give this one a try. You wont regret it.