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Samuel Gawith Keswick 10g Dispenser

Samuel Gawith Keswick 10g Dispenser

Gawith Hoggarth

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Samuel Gawith Keswick is the tobacco expression of the prunus armeniaca otherwise known as the apricot. This endemic English fruit has been a favorite in many culinary concoctions since the 16th century. In harmony with the meticulously chosen tobacco cultivars, this popular fruit imparts a plummy and savory note to this quality snuff. The color is light brown, the grind is fine and silky and the moisture is medium dry. The burn in the nose is mild as well as the nicotine hit but the feel last a long while. Upon trial, this one could easily be recruited to your collection.

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Samuel Gawith Keswick 10g Dispenser
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Nate (Salem, US)
Absolutely Spoiled by Original

Upon opening up that tap tin, and giving it a sniff, I thought the smell was more perfumery and it took me a minute to think yeah that's apricot. Almost like the scent of the oils on a ripe apricot skin I can see that. But I'm not picking up any menthol at all. It's very different than SG Original. SG original is higher menthol, higher nicotine, and the apricot is icier and short lived. The Apricot in Keswick is definitely long lasting, stays on your fingers and in the nose.

Honestly I have no idea how other reviews are picking up "chocolate, toffee, brown sugar and earth"... That's not even close.

The furthest I'd say is maybe some vanilla undertones to the apricot, and with more pinches you can pick up maybe a biscuit scent from the base flour of the neutral tobacco. Grind is fine and dry but not dusty dry.

Personally I find the smell to be a little to strong on the perfume side to take this all day.

M.F. (Indianapolis, US)
Fantastic Apricot Snuff

This is one of my favorite fruit snuffs and honestly my pick for best and most consistent apricot snuff on the market. Keswick offers a very smooth, clean toot that packs an immediate wallop of candied apricot backed by impressions of vanilla, chocolate, biscuit, brown sugar, cream, toffee, and earth. Occasionally, I could also pick up on very subtle grassy, woody, leathery impressions and the odd lemony note too. Some people find a barely perceptible menthol presence in this snuff, but I never noticed it. To the best of my knowledge, this is a straight fruit snuff with no added menthol. The grind is medium-fine. The flour offers a medium-low moisture content and a nicotine content that falls somewhere between low and medium. It is very easy to take. One could easily do it all day. Just an absolutely lovely fruit snuff overall. Fans of apricot snuffs really should give it a try.

Nicely mild

I am missing Otterhound which was the snuff that I enjoyed from SG , so I was looking to try something different. I ordered this and have to say that it’s very enjoyable! A mild and dry snuff for those who are new to nasal tobacco. Flavor will last awhile and the fruity apricot is perfect for an after dinner snort . This has become my go to for a mild nicotine hit. Excellent!!

One Of The Best

This is one of the best fruit snuffs I know. It has a fine grind, a natural smelling apricot, very low, almost undetectable menthol, medium-low nicotine, and a very long lasting scent. The grind is on the fine side and the moisture is low, but it has no nose burn, rather soft, and opens the sinuses very well. This is a well made and easily repeatable snuff of high quality. If you like gawith original (apricot) you will really like this one also. I plan to always have some of this one on hand.

Samuel Gawith Keswick 10g

This snuff is great, very easy to take. Awesome Apricot scent. This could very easily be an all day snuff. Scent lasts a good while. Can't complain, would definitely recommend.