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Samuel Gawith Pinewood Ice 25g

Samuel Gawith Pinewood Ice 25g

Gawith Hoggarth

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Samuel Gawith Pinewood Ice offers a nice uplifting sensation in the body and mind. This mélange provides the sensation of a walk in the deep woods. Pine, wintergreen, cedar and mentha are in the forefront of this refreshing snuff. There is also a discernible tobacco flavor that is expressed with notes of leather, hay, smoke and molasses that are subordinate to the stimulating and cooling effects of this remarkable potion. This seems to be a holiday treat but should be an all day, all year delight.

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Samuel Gawith Pinewood Ice 25g
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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Nate (Salem, US)
Too Subtle For My Liking, Good For Beginners I Suppose

As other reviewers have said, the grind and moisture is great, except it's very non confrontational on the menthol and pine. Actually right on the inhale, you get the earthy tobacco upfront more so than the pine or menthol. The scent definitely lingers around, Nicotine wise, I think it's on the lower side as well. It's very hard to beat Bernard's Original.

I think if someone is sensitive to menthols, and they want to like menthols, give this a gander.

Jeffrey Graham (Denver, US)
Good stuff but lacks

Good snuff, good grind, good moisture. Not a lot of ice and the pine is, a tick more than subtle.

A.T. (Corrales, US)
Perfect for the Holidays

The fireplace is cracking got my feet up my German Shepherd is resting below my feet and I get a pinch of Pinewood Ice. Now the evening is complete. Don't overlook this one its a staple in the collection.

Rory Pro (Chepachet, US)
Summer Camp

This snuff is complex in its subtlety. You get this great pine flavor up front, and the menthol hits after while the pine still lingers. The aroma reminds me of summer camp. It’s great.

And I’m not sure, but the nicotine content seems to be fairly high. I love it.

Bob Zanella (Greensburg, US)
Great refreshing snuff

I was used to Samuel gawith pipe tobacco which is very top notch and complex, so was expecting something similar and was not disappointed. I had purchased three different snuffs to try. Only downside with this one was the lid on the tin was vacuumed sealed and took a screw driver to pry it open, but was worth it. It’s a complex aroma with a touch of menthol, some woody and spice notes. The best surprise was after trying indoors. I went outside on a cool day and the aromas seemed to increase with a cherry smell , along with the refreshing menthol feeling. It’s has a nice fine texture and was surprised at the size of the tin. Will be buying more when needed.