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Samuel Gawith RBY 25g

Samuel Gawith RBY 25g

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Samuel Gawith RBY is praise for the sweet drupelets of this savory fruit. The humble raspberry is elevated to a distinct and original flavor when combined with the luxurious aromas of fermented tobacco. The end notes are complimentary, sweet and minty without being cloying or overpowering in any way. This wonderful powdered pleasure should be designated as a go to fruity snuff. Take a pinch and enjoy.

Available in several convenient container sizes.
Also get a discount when you buy a box.

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Natural compliment

The combination of fragrance and tobacco here is rewarding a a finely balanced compliment and has little of the overpowering artificial flavours some fruit snuffs carry. This is easy to use whilst very dry and it can be an all day pleasant snuff. Moderate to low on the nicotine level but just as well considering the amount you may want to use

Jeff Haase

A nice base flour note with an excellent raspberry finish

A wonderful treat

Unfortunately, I've been waiting for my delivery for 20 days.

True Raspberry Taste

Great raspberry taste, not a 'sweet' raspberry but a true raspberry.. almost slightly sour. This one does make me sneeze nearly every time. The container is awesome, has a little sliding button to open the dispenser.
Not sure if I would personally buy this one again, but i'd definitely try another of of Samuel Gawith's products.

Have Another Pinch

It's a great full raspberry flavour. And very easy to sniff in large pinches or for beginners.
it's not really long lasting but then you just take another pinch.