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SNUV Black Sinesis 15g

SNUV Black Sinesis 15g

Lachhman Dass

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Snuv Black Range is a perfectly balanced blend of Rustica and Virginia tobaccos.

The color of the snuff is almost black. A fairly coarse grind along the lines of classic Bayern Prise German snuff, with a dash of paraffin oil which gives these snuffs their distinctive fluffy feel and also helps prevent the moisture from drying out.

Snuv Black Sinesis is a nod to Citrus Sinensis being the Latin name for sweet orange, except someone along the design chain spelled it wrong. Such is life. However Sinesis sounds pretty cool, so who are we to complain.

Aside from label woes, the snuff itself is delicious. It is definitively orange, tart and bright with zero candy flavor that so many fruit snuffs suffer from.

There is a hint of mint to enhance the distinct orange aromas.

When you snuff this Snuv Black Sinesis the orange is at first bang right up there in the nose, along with a decent burn and the tobaccos making themselves immediately known.

After a few minutes the orange eases off for a while but then after about 20 minutes starts to smooth its way back into your consciousness. Just when you think it might be time for a top up, back it comes. Enhanced by the occasional deep sniff to get some airflow, the sweet orange is here for round two. This is another winner from Snuv, and a must-have for citrus lovers and for anybody on a warm summer day when the blossoms are out. As a post meal snuff with an aperol spritz, it is tough to beat.

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SNUV Black Sinesis 15g
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Eric Watkins (Farmington, US)
I sniffed it and I liked it.

Orange, temple incense, menthol. In that order. No Cointreau detected on this olfactory bulb. It's pleasant, hits all day long. A fine westernization of eastern tastes.

Lester Spencer (Richmond, US)
Fell In Love

This was the second Snuff I ever tried, first being SNUV Black Ice. Again, this looked to be of medium moisture and it felt soft and fluffy and that helped me use the pinch easier. The smell was a light but very pleasant aroma of fresh orange peels. I knew I was going to enjoy this one. My first pinch of this was immediate satisfaction. It quickly reminded me of summer as a young kid. I didn't feel any burn just a huge burst of fresh orange peels with a slight cooling sensation. With every breathe I took, the taste of the orange peel spread throughout the back and middle of my tongue. It literally made my mouth water. I've enjoyed this the most of the 3 Snuffs I've tried so far. The taste lasts forever and the pleasurable nicotine buzz did as well. Again, not overpowering, just a constant great feeling of nicotine. It lasted a good 25-30 minutes and I loved every minute of it. I just used a small pinch too. I really want to try more and find something else I like. I don't want to get burnt out on this, because it's great for after eating or anytime you want to relax. I've used it several times while walking my dog and it just makes everything much more enjoyable. Especially on these hot summer nights. If it gets better than this, I don't know how I'll be able to contain myself.

T. Vee (Washington, US)
Ole Orange Blossom Special!

If ya like Orange, your gonna love this! It sits tight in the nose, due to it's fluffy constancy and the taste is absolutely delicious. As a matter of fact, the whole line of this "Black" Snuff is damn near perfect Imo.

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Eric Perlinger (Longueuil, CA)

The “Black” series by SNUV is fast becoming my favourite line of snuffs. Deep and complex, they provide both novelty and familiarity. Eureka moments conjoined with bewilderment as to why they have not been concocted before.

Upon opening Sinesis, one is embraced with the familiar smells of sweet orange rind, alcohol, tobacco and muddled mint. Many snuffs use citrus as flavouring, but never before have they been presented in quite this way. Dark and coarsely ground, salt crystals twinkle in the firmament as you stare into the black abyss of the open tin. Fluffy, moist, and ever evolving, the mind races after uptake to identify where that particular flavour has been enjoyed before? As the memory banks are scoured, you realize that it is not a smell you remember, but a taste. Triple Sec? Perhaps…close…but not exactly. It is something somewhat stronger…Cointreau! The perfect wingman for the cocktail hour, it accompanies everything from Old Fashions to Margaritas. Sinesis longingly brings to mind the memory of drinks on city rooftop city bars during hot and humid summer nights. One can see Dita von Teese on the nose of a B25 passing overhead.