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Snuv Iron Goddess of Mercy 15g

Snuv Iron Goddess of Mercy 15g

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Snuv's Iron Goddess of Mercy is a nasal snuff tribute to the ancient Buddhist deity of benevolence and compassion, named Guan Shi Yin or Guanyin. The folklore recounts that in Fujian's Anxi County, a district west of Fuhzou in modern day China, a poor farmer, named Wei, passed a ruined temple to the goddess every day when walking to his tea fields. Stricken with sadness about the decrepitude of this place of worship, decided that this could not continue. The determined peasant undertook the task of caring for the temple. Twice a month, he swept the floors, cleared the cobwebs and burned incense as an offering to the deity of mercy.

Time passed and the ritual continued, each fortnight the farmer cleaned the house of Guanyin and left an offering. One night the Bodhisattva of Compassion appeared to him in a dream and revealed a great secret. The deity whispered, "there is a cave behind the temple, where a great treasure awaits". Upon awakening, this countryman went directly to where the specter had disclosed. On his way, he speculated on how he would share his treasure with his fellow villagers. What he discovered was a solitary tea shoot piercing the ground. Wui took the delicate stalk then planted and nurtured the gift which he named Ti Kwan Yin, in honor of the goddess.

The cultivar grew into a round healthy bush that had leaves that produced the finest tea in the district. Wei also shared his good fortune with all his neighbors by offering them each, cuttings of this amazing commodity. Soon, this tea was consumed throughout the countryside and because of the popularity of their harvests, the locals sold this tea as Tieguanyin, Iron Bodhisattva of Compassion, and became wealthy and their lands prospered. Over time, the temple of Guan Shi Yin was rebuilt and became a symbol of prosperity and achievement throughout the province. Each day Wei took pride and profound joy in what he and his fellow compatriots had achieved.

Snuv's Iron Goddess brings this fable back to life. The delicate rarefied floral notes and subtle nutty flavor that procures such pleasure in the tea version is replaced with a much bolder taste of damp earthy underbrush and mushroom. A hint of molasses is present from the dark rustica tobaccos and the final crescendo is mint and eucalyptus. Discover that the transition from a cup of caffeinated tea to a nicotine laden pinch isn't that great.

Available in convenient 15 gram containers.
Also enjoy a discount for a box of 12.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Allon Bakuth
Well Damn

The reviews and explanations of this snuff doesn't do it justice. Right off the bat highly mentholated and eucalyptus my best explanation is it's Ike snuffing the Vicks vapo rub stick. Carful its a fine grind so don't bump it to hard or it's going to the back the throat. 10 out of 10 whenever
It's in stock will buy again.

Excellent menthol snuff

Very similar in scent to Hedges L260, but much more approachable and not as fierce in the menthol. Moisture is perfect and very easy to take. I highly recommend if you enjoy menthol snuffs.


Perfecto aroma un poco a incienso con floral y un buen toque de mentol algo muy raro pero excelente la humedad perfecta

Tee Vee
Great stuff 'Nuff said

I don't know about all dat crap in their over long description, but I can say it's a damn good Snuff. 'Nuff said!!!!

Simon Clements
Wow - incredible stuff

Ordered this out of curiosity - I wasn't sure what to thing when I first opened the tin, but a bump of this is absolutely incredible.
Fresh and earthy - fullb-bodied with a cooling menthol hit which lingers. I am really impressed with this snuff - give it a try and don't be put off by the scent from sniffing the pot, the bump is significantly more enjoyable.