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Viking (ISS) Menthol 100g

Viking (ISS) Menthol 100g


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Viking ISS offers the same quality broad leaf flavors included in all of Viking's hand picked tobaccos. A taste so familiar with most snuff enthusiasts, who unanimously declare allegiance to this classic mixture, that all praise seems deficient. To this perfectly milled powder is added a refreshing mentholated breeze that turns out to be the perfect topping to this decadent delight. The profile of grind, moisture and color is consistent with the brand and the nose has minimal burn with nicotine surprisingly high. Tobacco and mentha perfection, try a pinch and feel the flavor.

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Viking (ISS) Menthol 100g
Viking (ISS) Menthol 100gVIK022
Viking (ISS) Menthol 100gVIK022
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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Murray McIntyre (Edinburgh, GB)
Viking menthol snuff

Very strong

Harry "Hershy" Orenstein (Tel Aviv, IL)
Viking ISS

One of my goto all-day snuffs.
Sits comfortably with no afterburner (important to me)

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Benjamin (Copenhagen, DK)
Bold and Superb! - Viking ISS - 20g

Easy 5 stars for this one, and a must have in my rotation at all times. Menthol wise I can compare it in a lot to TAXI Green, however much more refined and complex and far less messy to use.
The grind is course but not as much as a Rapee; doesn't make my nose run like some other course grinds do.
Moisture content is medium,
The base flour is Very Dark and heavily fermented with little flecks of lighter leaf mixed into the grind (probably the Viking Dark blend?) but with a HINT of Menthol. This is excellent if you prefer more plain tobacco snuffs as the menthol is a 1/5 with no menthol burn and doesn't have that medicated feel to it at all... (again the menthol content very similar to that of TAXI Green)... The Menthol just sits in the background and allows the Bold, Dark, and Funky smelling fermented tobacco to shine through as the main star of the show.
As the menthol fades you're left with that quintessential Viking Dark smell which I can only describe as Barnyard, Leather, a little bit of Vinegar, and wet soil.
As with other Viking snuffs there is a decent amount of Ammonia upon opening the tin, but it dissipates after a few weeks or even faster if you choose to leave the top off for a few hours, or decant it.
Nicotine content is definitely on the High end, but doesn't whack you right away; a slower release that lasts a good 20+ mins. The lovely Dark Fermented smell also lingers for longer than you would expect after the short lived hint of menthol disappears. If you happen to overdo it while sniffing or take a very large toot there is a Mild back drip that is salty and not bad by any means.
The only question left to answer is what the hell does "ISS" stand for !?!?

Anonymous (Boston, US)

I am a menthol and straight tobacco guy, 50/50 daily mix between the two types, and thought this snuff would provide menthol along with tobacco so I thought why not it sounded perfect. So I picked some up. Turns out, I do not get any menthol in it whatsoever. I was disappointed at first. But I found myself using it more and more, since the grind is course and will not shoot down your throat or lungs. Easy to take. So I started using it more. It grew on me and is now my everyday. It is my goto that I have always with me, and cabinets full of it. Just like the other guy said, you have to give it time. If you like a good Viriginia leaf that is easy to take and great priced, look no further

James Caldwell (Philadelphia, US)
Viking ISS 24g

I like the flavored snuff the best but thought I'd try a tobacco base too. Glad I did cause this one is alright. It's growing on me with every toot. The base tobacco is a lil strong but the nicotine bite it has will have you where you need to be. I like the course grind too, doesn't shoot down the back of your throat.