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White Horse Gul 40g

White Horse Gul 40g

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Janta White Horse Gul is a plain and dry snuff that lets the tobacco flavor shine through. There is a bitter and smoky taste that is quite pleasant. The powder is very fine and light in color with a silky texture that contains a very substantial burn accompanied by a proportionally equivalent hit of nicotine. A wonderfully powerful snuff with a definite Indian flavor.

Available in a variety of convenient container sizes.

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Jake Misner

This is like dust with cigarette ash mixed it. I find myself liking it then not. For the price worth a try

Potent but pleasant.

This is good stuff! It reminds me a bit in color and aroma of the 6 Photo Dragon Madras snuff, although that had a slight green tea scent/flavor and this White Horse seems to be mostly unflavored. It has a nice tobacco aroma and scent, maybe there is a slight added scent but I'm still very new to snuff, so I'm not sure. The nicotine potency is not as high as Dragon but it burns much, much less! I took three pinches in a row and it did not make my eyes water, so that's a bonus. Also, the texture is nice and fine so I don't have to blow my nose as much with this snuff, and also I got no drip in my throat at all. I think this is high-quality snuff and the price makes it an extremely good value. 20g for a buck and a half is an amazing price for what you get.

Big burn, Little scent.

For a little while the first can i opened smelt a little funky. It wasn't really pleasant and I couldn't smell the tobacco. After letting it air out a bit it helped quite a lot. The first hit always burns like hell and the nigh nicotine content is great. It has a nice creamy smelling tobacco and is extremely dry with a fine grind. It has no added smell and cant be smelled until you take a hit. I had to add a little water to help a bit but overall very satisfied with it.

Larry Bump
Big bite/Burn, Nice clean flavor

Be careful; it burns, eyes water, but worth it. Wow! Clear, clean tobacco; no scent or perfume. Very dry and fine, snuff gently.

Dusty Road

I grew up right next to a gravel road. During hot summers, if we went without rain for more than a week there was a cloudy, dusty plume that lingered in the air behind every passing vehicle.
This little tub of WHG was that dry, and that dusty. I couldn't get near it without it slamming into the back of my throat. Pinch, spoon, back of the thumb: didn't matter. I could feel the stuff entering my lungs; I declared it unsnuffable.
Not wanting to waste what was obviously a high-nic snuff, I dumped it into my handy mortar with a dose of coconut oil. The grind is way too fine to call the resulting concoction a schmalzler, but effectively that's what it is. And it's quite enjoyable, now that I can actually get it to stop in my nose. There's a smoky nuttiness that isn't quite a toast, but not as woodsy as a scotch. And nicotine a-plenty.
For me it's at its best after a few bumps of something bright and floral, where the powerful smoky counterpoint provides a depth to the lingering scent, making it last longer to the senses.