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Wilsons Apri 20g

Wilsons Apri 20g


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Wilsons Apri is a rich plummy flavored tobacco flour that renders an authentically fruity sensation in the nose. This delicious drupe is enhanced with the woodsy, smoky nature of a full bodied tobacco. The blend is not overly sweet but rather floral in nature and has no menthol distraction. Surprisingly, the nondescript nature of a medium fine grind, medium moist, middle brown colored, moderate vitamin N and a mild nose burn are poor qualifiers for such a delicious powdered delight. This offering is anything but middle of the road and is a proud representative of fruity snuffs. Easily adopted as an all day ritual, once you have tried a pinch, you'll be convinced. Happy snuffing.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Matthew Francis (Indianapolis, US)
An Overall Good Apricot Snuff

I have not been snuffing very long nor am I tremendously well-acquainted with apricot snuffs, but having tried this one, I can safely say that I liked it well enough to be comfortable recommending it to others.

The grind struck me as being fairly fine and with medium moisture content. The apricot scent was balanced and not overwhelming, being reminiscent of candied apricot without seeming all that artificial. The base tobacco provided rich undertones of earth, chocolate, and biscuits to provide some balance, while something of a subtle citrus presence added a welcome edge. The nicotine hit was respectable enough for a snuff of this type without being sharp or overpowering.

Overall, this was a mellow, balanced fruity snuff that was incredibly easy to take. As I have not tried enough apricot snuffs to conclude that this is one of the best available, a four star review feels most honest to me. Anyway, I recommend it and would happily take it again.

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Eric Perlinger (Longueuil, CA)
Bonne Maman Abricot

Wilson’s Apri is an un-mentholated apricot flavoured snuff along the lines of the Gawith Original but without its signature coolness. It triggers memories of warm, buttered country bread slathered in Bonne Maman Abricot preserves. Sweet, it is a good breakfast snuff to gently awake the monkey on your back to the dawning of a new day. Also good at evening with a half litre of Belgian wheat beer and a plate of Moules Marinières.

Good Overall Snuff

A good overall snuff. Moisture content was moderately dry snuff, with a fine grind. The main complaint from this scent was there was a strong citrus tone that I wouldn't associate with apricot usually.

Natural Fruity Scent

Standard Wilson's medium grind and slightly more moist. It has a nice strong apricot scent out of the tin, but the base tobacco is present as well. The scent of apricot in the nose is very natural, not candy-like sweet or artificial. Neither the apricot aroma nor the scent of the base tobacco stay in the nose for a very long time so I take more frequent pinches. It's medium in nicotine level. Good stuff if you're looking for a natural smelling fruity snuff.