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Wilsons Bee M 5g Tap-Tin

Wilsons Bee M 5g Tap-Tin

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Wilsons Bee M is more complex than the appellation implies. There are other aromas within than just royal jelly and mentha. The base tobacco, in itself, has several characteristic notes that seem to expand the blend into something more elaborate in the nose that may provide hints of cacao or molasses. A moderate layer of menthol rides in front, as a refreshing introduction to this parade of flavors, followed with a soothing and distinct aroma of honey that seems to melt in the nostril and lasts a long while. The taking of this delightful powder is agreeable and gives more of a tingle than a burn while delivering a nice dose of endorphins to round out the experience. This snuff is medium brown, has a silky smooth grind with signature medium moisture. Truly a pleasurable practice any time of day. Enjoy a pinch and happy snuffing.

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Customer Reviews

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Adam F
Love it

This is one of the only stuffs I can handle without sneezing or getting a harsh burn. I have sensitive hooter. The flavour is great too sweet hit and a decent nicotine punch


Wow! Quickly went to my top 3 menthol snuffs. It's slightly sweet with the perfect amount of minty-ness. It's strong but I like it that way. Seem there's some spearmint mixed in as well? Wish I got a bigger tin, I will next time!

Jared Estes

Wilsons Bee M 5g

Yiannis Koullapis
like vicks for cold

This is my first snuff I ever tried and I really liked it, its sweet, but its not over mentholated, it also has eucalyptus, The pinch is very similar to the vicks balm or nose stick to open your sinuses, very good for cold winter nights or when your sinuses are clogged. After the menthol-eucalyptus-honey it fades to a nice honey cocoa or hot chocolate scent in your nose, the nicotine hit is mild to medium, without any tobacco scent is a full flavor snuff

C. P.
Pure Heaven

I just received the Bee M yesterday and I can't stay away from it. A pure delight. I have enjoyed snuff since the early 1980s and this is by far the most wonderful snuff experience I have ever had. Once in the nose, I get a respectable menthol that quickly goes slightly honey sweet, then kind of an orange flavored chocolate, ( Think Tobbler's Chocolate Orange) then finishes with a heady suede scent. This wonderful parade of scent repeats with every gentile inhalation through the nose for a good while, then fades to just a nice chocolatey suede. I would give it 6 stars if I could. My next order will be for 500 grams.