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Wilsons Blonde 10g

Wilsons Blonde 10g


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Wilsons Blonde is truly the belle of the ball. This unassuming dance partner turns out to be a glamorous hoofer that can easily consume the spotlight at any event. This fine mixture will waltz up your nose with gentle steps and leave a trail of burnt sugar and spice. The soft floral scent of this plant's pods is perfectly introduced to the fine blended tobacco mixture and the frolic begins. One pinch delivers a comforting sensation that is anything but plain vanilla. The appearance is light brown in color, moderate moisture and grind with a silky texture that is easily taken and provides a soothing amount of nicotine. The recommendation is to bring this gal on every night out. Cheers.

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Customer Reviews

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Brody Rain (Greenwood, US)
Vanilla cigarette 🚬

I really actually like and appreciate this snuff it reminds me a bit of there Irish No.22 blend but with Vanilla on the front end then you get the nice cigarette smell and taste and the grind and moisture levels are good even the color is a bit blonde the only reason I gave it a three star was because on the back end I'm getting a slight hint of ashtray. If your a cigarette or ex cigarette smoker you'll know what I mean and yet still I oddly like it. 👍

C.J.M. (Cleveland, US)
Great for your first go!

My first snuff.
Easy to snuff but don’t let it float back to the throat; it then becomes “easy to drip” lol.
Not too moist not too dry.
Fresh. Great packaging.
Since it’s my first I’m not sure I really got the vanilla to be honest. Somewhat like a mild gingerbread I’d say. A tinge of a burn but not unpleasant. The nicotine is not overpowering but present.
I bought more while I try others.
You should too….

Matthew Francis (Indianapolis, US)
Delightful and Easygoing

One of Wilsons of Sharrow's newer products, this vanilla-scented snuff is a winner. Constructed from a base of Virginia and dark-fired tobaccos, this snuff delivers a clean, creamy dose of vanilla on a somewhat fluffy ruddy gold base that imparts delicate impressions of earth, leather, and brown sugar. Nicotine content is minimal, making this snuff suitable for just about any setting or time of day. And with a moderate moisture level, it sits in the nose wonderfully. Though this is not exactly a complex offering, and the vanilla scent fades quickly once the snuff hits the front of the nose, it is so pleasant that the few minor nitpicks do not really matter. I could see this being a perfect snuff for beginners or those looking for something straightforward and approachable.

Customer (Steamboat Springs, US)

What a pleasant surprise this new snuff is! Delicate vanilla and what another reviewer described as a cake fresh from the oven, is spot on. Golden tobacco with subtle sugar notes, under a wonderful vanilla. Easy to take, with a moderate nicotine level, this is an excellent snuff suitable for new snuffers or seasoned veterans.

Wonderful snuff

This is one of the nicest Vanilla snuffs I have tried in a long time.

Reminds me of a freshly baked cake that's just come out of the oven. My goto Vanilla snuff everytime.