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Wilsons M Root 5g Tap Tin

Wilsons M Root 5g Tap Tin


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Wilsons M Root is an anise scented snuff whose flavoring has been used throughout history as a remedy to calm the nerves, soothe the stomach or enhance the breath. The greatest impact was as an essence for many varieties of spirited drinks around the Mediterranean such as Arak, Pastis, Ouzo, Sambuca and the like. This same zest is used to enhance the smoky-sweet tobacco taste of this aromatic powder. There is a follow through of menthol after the initial licorice blast that adds a refreshing element to this concoction. The color is middle brown, the grind is medium-fine and the moisture is also at mid point. When inhaled, this snuff assaults the nose but is quickly replaced with the aforementioned sensations that gives way to a major nicotine wallop. Ideal for daydreaming of a favorite liqueur in a favorite beachfront restaurant. Cheers.

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Wilsons M Root 5g Tap Tin
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Douglas Reed (North Charleston, US)
Yep, it's licorice

It's Good&Plenty for your sniffer. Not the biggest fan of black licorice candies myself, but I have been known to knock back some Jaeger and absinthe when I can find it, so I figured I'd give this one a shot. Quite glad I did. It's very different from my other stuff and a pleasant change of pace. If you're on the fence about it, just try it.

Lee Flitney (Luton, GB)
My 1st stuff

If your a fan of liquorice this one's for you, great initial hit of menthol then a lingering scent of aniseed, my 1st snuff and still in my top 5, would recommend to anyone that loves liquorice

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Eric Perlinger (Longueuil, CA)
Crazy Horse

A mixture of Gitanes and Pastis. It triggers memories of strolling the streets of Paris, alone, on a rainy Sunday night…in search of entertainment after a week of heavy drinking. Snaps like a garter-belt after a good spanking. Serge Gainsbourg in a can.

Seriously Must Have

One of my top 5 snuffs, this is a strong menthol, and strong licorice scented snuff, that has no burn and no sneeze. Easy to take, mild-medium nicotine, and will leave you smelling it for a long time. I can use this one all day and it never grows tiring. Quite a bit sharper than Lowenprise but does not have the sneeziness of that blend, so I tend to alternate the two. A must have in a serious snuff collection.

Brangdaddy (Rome, IT)
Refreshing for shizzle

This is an excellent mentholated snuff which has a strong dose of the liquorice. It's a go to mentholated for me when others can seem a little lacking. Powerfully flavoured snuff, it has good moisture and medium fine grind - easy to snuff even with the burn. Excellent