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Wilsons Matador 5g Tap Tin

Wilsons Matador 5g Tap Tin


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Wilsons Matador is an assembly of the finest essential oils from around the world to create a unique extract that defines the special character of this snuff. The most potent ingredient being Australian eucalyptus that offers a therapeutic aroma that is very soothing. The acolytes to eucalyptus globulus are camphor for its medicinal perfume and a refreshing menthol ending. These ingredients mix with selected tobaccos to produce this aromatic powdered delight. The color is dark brown, the grind is medium coarse and the moisture is middle ground. The nose feel is soft and unassuming but provides a very mellow nicotine jolt that last a good while. Be one to take this bull by the horns and have a nice big pinch. Happy snuffing.

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Wilsons Matador 5g Tap Tin
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Wilsons Matador 5g Tap TinWILS683
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Russell Tilley (Warrenton, US)
Surprised, good surprised.

With eucalyptus and camphor as listed ingredients, I was expecting a medicated mentholated snuff, which it is but with a unique tobacco flavor that is wonderful.

M.F. (La Grange, US)
Solid Mentholated Snuff

Matador is a rather unique medicated snuff in the Wilsons of Sharrow range in the sense that it is much heavier on camphor and eucalyptus than on menthol. The snuff itself is of a medium grind and medium moisture with medium nicotine content. Strong aromas of camphor and eucalyptus hit the front of the nose on each toot followed by subtler impressions of menthol, earth, spearmint, wood, biscuit, lemon zest, chocolate, and leather. I also managed to pick up something of a coppery tang on the back end on many sniffs. Overall, this was a solid medicated snuff, but one must really love eucalyptus and camphor in order to fully appreciate it. Personally, I would have preferred slightly more menthol to balance out the overpowering eucalyptus and camphor, but honestly, this was still a rock solid medicated snuff.

Ray Martin (Orlando, US)

Like walking into a leather shop. Not too much of a fan.

Jeff (Bedford, US)
Oh! The sheer joy of eucalyptus!

I am a huge fan of the scent of eucalyptus. I like the scent, I like the oils, I like everything about it. And now I have a snuff that can also be “eucalyptus forward”! It has a decent amount of menthol too, but not overpowering in my view. I’d put this in my top 5 snuffs from Wilson’s, along with: Plain, Irish 22, Rows of Sharrow, and maybe either Grand Cairo or Diplomat. Definitely try this one.

One of Wilson's best.

This is a middle of the road menthol load with an aromatic eucalyptus up front and muted camphor in the background. The menthol is not too sharp to hide the other scents, and the nicotine is a tad below medium. I find this snuff easy and soft on the nose with a long lasting scent, and it is never clogging nor irritating. Nicotine is on the lower side so you can take large pinches. This has a very heady tobacco shop aroma to it which is intoxicating but not overpowering. If you like Ozona president, and mcchrystals original, as I do you will also enjoy this one. They are all similar but this has a little less menthol and more eucalyptus. It doesn't have quite the menthol of president so I find it less clogging, if I snuff a lot of it over a few hours. I keep turning to a tin of this when I can't decide what snuff I am in the mood for.